If you would like to keep updated, please  join the Old Church Community Pantry page by clicking Here or email your inquiries to jessimarou@gmail.com

We also welcome any suggestions or information about local producers who may be interested in providing their product to a community group like us!

Some of our suppliers...

The Co-op project is largely shaped by the values which are a huge part of why so many of us love the Old Church community; Simplicity, Authenticity, and Community

We want to be caring for our local economy, our local community and our local environment when we are making decisions regarding directions we could go in for our food co-op. We want to support social change and do this authentically in our actions, which is not always possible when we are on a tight budget. By directing our buying power purposefully as a community, we will be able to provide an opportunity for more people to support local producers and the relationships that go along with that, something which is very important for sustainable social change in our food culture.

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Tradewinds Tea & COffee